the other hilda

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Hilda is my mountain bike. She’s a Giant XTC carbon 29er.

She’s called Hilda because:

1. the word ‘hill’ is in it – sort of.

2. Hilda means ‘battle maiden’

3. Hilda after my little sister who often called herself Hilda, or a Hilda Vagabond, courtesy of a prank phone call back in 1985. All I came up with that day was ‘Vera Calendar’ but she’d caught me on the hop. Libby/Hilda was good with her prank phone calls.

Hilda came into my life about three months after Libby died. I bought her as a way of managing my grief, hoping that getting back into the bush – the smell, the sounds, the pain in my legs – might do good things for me.

There are certain hills that I ride and every time I think of Libby. I remember how she talked, how cranky she got at injustice, her teddy bear Custard who went with her, songs she liked. It’s nice. Occasionally I cry. But they are different from the tears I do at home. They’re happier, bittersweet. There is less pain and more being thankful. I’m lucky I knew her.

The tears I cry on my bike are tears that I can sit with.

Thank you, Libby.

5 thoughts on “the other hilda

  1. That is so beautiful. I love that you love bike riding so much, that it gives you so much pleasure and the obvious love you have for your sister and how you’ve combined two of your loves.

    • Thank you for popping in to Daysofhilda. Thank you for your kind words, I’m a little sooky lately and dropped a couple of tears when I read your response. Good luck to you.

      • No worries, I like your writing. I feel you could write about anything and I’d enjoy reading it, no matter how boring the subject matter is to me. That’s rare. Look forward to reading more.

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