i must have a thing about his hair

here are two ‘poems’ for SKJ, the first one was written before he went to kindergarden,

and the second one was written the week before he went into grade six

The Flame Haired Beastie

It’s vicious; it’s got claws, and a survival instinct nothing could tear through.

It’s heartless, leaving a king-tide of demolition in its wake.

It’s intelligent; it runs rings around anyone it meets. And it knows it.

It remembers any weapon ever used against, assimilating it easily

It charms the animals; the dinosaurs, the crocodiles, the lions and tigers and bears.

It leads its armies ruthlessly not caring for tomorrows. It doesn’t seem to care about its men left behind.

I stand hidden in the shadows and watch it quietly go about its business as it lays waste to its own creations and breaks its own rules.

It looks up. It notices me. I freeze.

A smile cracks its face wide open. Its blue eyes the exact colour of the cool spring sky, with their lashes longer and thicker than any girl’s, light up.

Its ruby lips part, flashing its milk white teeth.

‘Mummy, I love you,’ he says, ‘you’re beautiful!’

Poem for a reluctant haircut

the tilt of his head

the smiles that looks like its left his face forever

he’s stoic


his hair, beautiful, spent,

clumps of golden knots

drifts fast to the dark floor

He’s being shorn

The razor whirrs

My beautiful, brave, boy, sits quiet as his freedom, abandon,

and holidays, are  cut away

How does he look older and younger at once?

Don’t cry in front of him



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